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Сборник - Золото дискотек 80x Зарубежный (2017) MP3

Скачать sbornik-zoloto-diskotek-80x-zarubezhnyy-2017-mp3.torrent
U Магнитная ссылка Размер: 1.31 GB Раздают: 19953 Качают: 817 Добавлен: 2017-04-10 16:45:35
Сборник - Золото дискотек 80x Зарубежный (2017) MP3

Название: Золото дискотек 80x Зарубежный
Исполнитель: Сборник
Год: 2017
Жанр: Pop

Продолжительность: 11:04:08
Формат/Кодек: MP3
Битрейт аудио: 320 kbrs
[+] Трек-лист

01 Fancy Flames Of Love
02 Joy Touch By Touch
03 Gina T. Tokyo By Night
04 Lian Ross You'Re My Heart, You'Re My Soul
05 Ottawan Crazy Music
06 Cherry Laine Mammy Blue
07 Passengers Casino'
08 Gina T. In My Fantasy
09 Silicon Dream Andromeda
10 Chris Norman Midnight Lady
11 Roxanne Charlene
12 Silent Circle What A Shame
13 Mauro Buona Sera - Ciao Ciao
14 The Hurricanes Only One Night
15 Julian Straight To My Heart
16 Cherry Laine Catch The Cat
17 Chyp-Notic Nothing Compares 2 U _The Ultimate Dance Vers
18 Fancy Bolero (Hold Me In Your Arms Again)
19 Chilly Love On The Rebound
20 Lian Ross Don'T You Go Away
21 Linda Jo Rizzo You'Re My First, You'Re My Last
22 Chyp-Notic If I Can'T Have U
23 Ottawan You'Re O.K.
24 Joy Valerie
25 Fancy Slice Me Nice
26 The Flirts Helpless
27 Charlie G. Love Plays Tricks
28 Mike Mareen Lady Ecstasy
29 Supermax Number One In My Heart
30 Boytronic Late Night Satellite
31 Chyp-Notic Denise
32 Chilly Goo Goo Eyes
33 Grant Miller Sail Away
34 Gina T. Sayonara
35 Fancy Way Of Love
36 Baccara Fun
37 Linda Jo Rizzo Heartflash (Tonight)
38 Charlie G. Love Plays Tricks
39 K.B. Caps Do You Really Need Me
40 Joy I'M In Love
41 Lian Ross Say You'Ll Never
42 Silicon Dream Don'T Break My Heart
43 Mozzart Money Maxi Version
44 Linda Jo Rizzo Perfect Love
45 Mike Mareen Days I Remember
46 Fancy A Voice In The Dark
47 Joy Hello
48 Silent Circle I Am Your Believer
49 Silicon Dream Corleone Speaking
50 Grant Miller Red For Love
51 Roxanne Give A Little Love
52 Lian Ross Say Say Say
53 Fancy Fools Cry
54 K.B.Caps Julia
55 The Flirts Temptation
56 Mike Mareen Agent Of Liberty
57 Mozzart Jasmin China Girl Maxi Version
58 Fancy Running Man
59 Ringo Shoot Your Shot
60 Chyp-Notic I'M Still The Same

01 Ottawan D.I.S.C.O.
02 The Shorts Comment Ca Va
03 K.B. Caps Catch Me Now I'M Falling
04 Partenaire Particulier Partenaire Particulier
05 Pseudo Echo Funky Town
06 Ottawan A.I.E. Is My Song
07 Belle Epoque Sorry
08 Luv Ann Maria
09 Baccara Parlez-Vous Francais_
10 Lian Ross Scratch My Name
11 Mike Mareen Germany Germany
12 Joy Joy And Tears
13 Chris Norman Broken Heroes
14 Grant Miller Wings Of Love
15 Fancy Bodyguard
16 Pseudo Echo Lies Are Nothing
17 Silicon Dream Primaballerina
18 Luv Stop Me
19 Belle Epoque Jump Down
20 Ottawan Tant Que Durera La Nuit
21 Joy Japanese Girls
22 Mike Mareen Stand Up
23 Linda Jo Rizzo I'Ve Got The Night
24 Charlie G. Liama L’Amor
25 Fancy My Emotional Way
26 Roxanne Boys In Black Car
27 Baccara Yes Sir, I Can Boogie (Version 1990)
28 Mauro Bossanova Girl
29 Mike Mareen Let'S Start Now
30 The Flirts Take A Chance On Me (Take A Chance)
31 Chris Norman Some Hearts Are Diamonds
32 Lian Ross Say Say Say
33 Mozzart Malice And Vice
34 Grant Miller I’M Alive
35 Tom Spencer Fashion
36 Vulcano Shut Up And Boogie
37 Partenaire Particulier Je N'Oublierai Jamais
38 Bisquit - Zoo Zoo
39 Bisquit Roller Boogie
40 Split Mirrors The Right Time
41 Del Faro Bandiera La Playa Del Sol
42 Michael Bedford Tonight
43 Michael Bedford More Than A Kiss
44 Michael Bedford Space Boys
45 Joy Peters One Night In Love
46 Joy Peters Don'T Lose Your Heart
47 Joy Peters Don'T Ask Me Why
48 Joy Peters Who Took My Girl
49 Go East What'S The Face Of Love
50 Go East Deep In My Heart
51 Go East Strangers From The Light
52 Real Hype You'Re A Stranger
53 Elvine You Set My Heart On Fire
54 Elvine Luggi Luggi Ludwig
55 Total Toly Oriental Accupuncture
56 Total Toly Lady Blue
57 The Witch Queen Of New Orleans
58 Linda Jo Rizzo Fly Me High
59 Linda Jo Rizzo Just One World
60 Grant Miller California Train
61 Fancy Bolero (Hold Me In Your Arms Again)
62 Mauro Buona Sera - Ciao Ciao
63 Joy Valerie
64 Roxanne Charlene
65 The Hurricanes Only One Night
66 Ottawan Crazy Music
67 Joy Touch By Touch
68 Cherry Laine Mammy Blue
69 Passengers Casino'
70 Lian Ross Say You'Ll Never

[+] Всего файлов в раздаче - 130:
CD1/05 OTTAWAN Crazy Music.mp312.40 MB
CD1/08 GINA T. In My Fantasy.mp38.79 MB
CD1/06 CHERRY LAINE Mammy Blue.mp37.85 MB
CD1/17 CHYP-NOTIC Nothing Compares 2 U _The Ultimate Dance Vers.mp314.92 MB
CD1/16 CHERRY LAINE Catch The Cat.mp37.04 MB
CD1/15 JULIAN Straight To My Heart.mp312.01 MB
CD1/14 THE HURRICANES Only One Night.mp313.42 MB
CD1/13 MAURO Buona Sera - Ciao Ciao.mp39.00 MB
CD1/12 SILENT CIRCLE What A Shame.mp315.02 MB
CD1/11 ROXANNE Charlene.mp39.09 MB
CD1/10 CHRIS NORMAN Midnight Lady.mp39.43 MB
CD1/09 SILICON DREAM Andromeda.mp311.38 MB
CD1/18 FANCY Bolero (Hold Me In Your Arms Again).mp39.26 MB
CD1/24 JOY Valerie.mp39.45 MB
CD1/19 CHILLY Love On The Rebound.mp39.17 MB
CD1/26 THE FLIRTS Helpless.mp317.64 MB
CD1/25 FANCY Slice Me Nice.mp312.39 MB
CD1/27 CHARLIE G. Love Plays Tricks.mp312.54 MB
CD1/03 GINA T. Tokyo By Night.mp38.51 MB
CD1/02 JOY Touch By Touch.mp38.50 MB
CD1/01 FANCY Flames Of Love.mp39.16 MB
CD1/28 MIKE MAREEN Lady Ecstasy.mp312.80 MB
CD1/29 SUPERMAX Number One In My Heart.mp311.19 MB
CD1/30 BOYTRONIC Late Night Satellite.mp39.27 MB
CD1/31 CHYP-NOTIC Denise.mp310.17 MB
CD1/32 CHILLY Goo Goo Eyes.mp38.24 MB
CD1/33 GRANT MILLER Sail Away.mp38.77 MB
CD1/34 GINA T. Sayonara.mp39.52 MB
CD1/35 FANCY Way Of Love.mp39.97 MB
CD1/36 BACCARA Fun.mp311.26 MB
CD1/37 LINDA JO RIZZO Heartflash (Tonight).mp313.66 MB
CD1/38 CHARLIE G. Love Plays Tricks.mp312.54 MB
CD1/39 K.B. CAPS Do You Really Need Me.mp38.43 MB
CD1/43 MOZZART Money maxi version.mp313.41 MB
CD1/44 LINDA JO RIZZO Perfect Love.mp314.01 MB
CD1/45 MIKE MAREEN Days I Remember.mp310.94 MB
CD1/46 FANCY A Voice In The Dark.mp38.86 MB
CD1/47 JOY Hello.mp39.44 MB
CD1/48 SILENT CIRCLE I Am Your Believer.mp38.04 MB
CD1/49 SILICON DREAM Corleone Speaking.mp38.63 MB
CD1/50 GRANT MILLER Red For Love.mp312.52 MB
CD1/51 ROXANNE Give A Little Love.mp38.98 MB
CD1/52 LIAN ROSS Say Say Say.mp312.82 MB
CD1/53 FANCY Fools Cry.mp312.75 MB
CD1/54 K.B.CAPS Julia.mp315.71 MB
CD1/55 THE FLIRTS Temptation.mp39.44 MB
CD1/56 MIKE MAREEN Agent Of Liberty.mp320.17 MB
CD1/57 MOZZART Jasmin China Girl maxi version.mp314.80 MB
CD1/58 FANCY Running Man.mp37.06 MB
CD1/59 RINGO Shoot Your Shot.mp38.49 MB
CD2/01 OTTAWAN D.I.S.C.O..mp311.32 MB
CD2/02 THE SHORTS Comment ca va.mp38.04 MB
CD2/04 PARTENAIRE PARTICULIER Partenaire Particulier.mp39.27 MB
CD2/05 PSEUDO ECHO Funky Town.mp315.03 MB
CD2/06 OTTAWAN A.I.E. Is My Song.mp37.84 MB
CD2/07 BELLE EPOQUE Sorry.mp314.17 MB
CD2/08 LUV Ann Maria.mp310.63 MB
CD2/09 BACCARA Parlez-vous Francais_.mp310.62 MB
CD2/10 LIAN ROSS Scratch My Name.mp312.09 MB
CD2/11 MIKE MAREEN Germany Germany.mp313.12 MB
CD2/12 JOY Joy And Tears.mp311.04 MB
CD2/13 CHRIS NORMAN Broken Heroes.mp37.70 MB
CD2/14 GRANT MILLER Wings Of Love.mp312.17 MB
CD2/15 FANCY Bodyguard.mp39.35 MB
CD2/16 PSEUDO ECHO Lies Are Nothing.mp39.01 MB
CD2/17 SILICON DREAM Primaballerina.mp311.14 MB
CD2/18 LUV Stop Me.mp37.18 MB
CD2/19 BELLE EPOQUE Jump Down.mp313.15 MB
CD2/20 OTTAWAN Tant Que Durera La Nuit.mp39.74 MB
CD2/21 JOY Japanese Girls.mp37.97 MB
CD2/22 MIKE MAREEN Stand Up.mp314.92 MB
CD2/24 CHARLIE G. Liama L’Amor.mp313.21 MB
CD2/25 FANCY My Emotional Way.mp39.57 MB
CD2/26 ROXANNE Boys In Black Car.mp38.32 MB
CD2/27 BACCARA Yes Sir, I Can Boogie (Version 1990).mp39.18 MB
CD2/28 MAURO Bossanova Girl.mp38.65 MB
CD2/30 THE FLIRTS Take A Chance On Me (Take A Chance).mp38.52 MB
CD2/31 CHRIS NORMAN Some Hearts Are Diamonds.mp38.53 MB
CD2/32 LIAN ROSS Say Say Say.mp37.54 MB
CD2/33 MOZZART Malice And Vice.mp39.70 MB
CD2/34 GRANT MILLER I’m Alive.mp39.05 MB
CD2/35 TOM SPENCER Fashion.mp312.08 MB
CD2/36 VULCANO Shut Up And Boogie.mp36.97 MB
CD2/38 BISQUIT - Zoo Zoo.mp37.95 MB
CD2/39 BISQUIT Roller Boogie.mp38.68 MB
CD2/40 SPLIT MIRRORS The Right Time.mp37.70 MB
CD2/41 DEL FARO Bandiera La Playa Del Sol.mp38.22 MB
CD2/42 MICHAEL BEDFORD Tonight.mp37.92 MB
CD2/43 MICHAEL BEDFORD More Than A Kiss.mp38.66 MB
CD2/44 MICHAEL BEDFORD Space Boys.mp38.29 MB
CD2/45 JOY PETERS One Night In Love.mp39.25 MB
CD2/48 JOY PETERS Who Took My Girl.mp37.83 MB
CD2/50 GO EAST Deep In My Heart.mp38.90 MB
CD2/51 GO EAST Strangers From The Light.mp37.74 MB
CD2/53 ELVINE You Set My Heart On Fire.mp311.72 MB
CD2/54 ELVINE Luggi Luggi Ludwig.mp312.05 MB
CD2/55 TOTAL TOLY Oriental Accupuncture.mp314.18 MB
CD2/56 TOTAL TOLY Lady Blue.mp312.70 MB
CD2/57 The Witch Queen Of New Orleans.mp312.26 MB
CD2/58 LINDA JO RIZZO Fly Me High.mp312.65 MB
CD2/59 LINDA JO RIZZO Just One World.mp38.26 MB
CD2/60 GRANT MILLER California Train.mp311.44 MB
CD2/61 FANCY Bolero (Hold Me In Your Arms Again).mp39.27 MB
CD2/62 MAURO Buona Sera - Ciao Ciao.mp39.00 MB
CD2/63 JOY Valerie.mp39.45 MB
CD2/64 ROXANNE Charlene.mp39.09 MB
CD2/65 THE HURRICANES Only One Night.mp313.42 MB
CD2/66 OTTAWAN Crazy Music.mp312.40 MB
CD2/67 JOY Touch By Touch.mp38.50 MB
CD2/68 CHERRY LAINE Mammy Blue.mp37.85 MB

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2017-04-10 U Сборник - Золото дискотек 80x Зарубежный (2017) MP3 1 К 1.31 GB ↑ 19953 ↓ 817

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