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Big Brother [v.] + Lisa's Photo-Session and More [v.0.23] (2018) (Rus/Eng) [Mod]

Скачать big-brother-v-0-13-007-lisa-s-photo-session-and-more-23-2018-rus-eng-mod.torrent
U Магнитная ссылка Размер: 6.23 GB Раздают: 1562 Качают: 239 Добавлен: 2018-07-23 20:30:40
Big Brother [v.] + Lisa's Photo-Session and More [v.0.23] (2018) (Rus/Eng) [Mod]

Год выхода: 2018
Версия: [v.] + Lisa's Photo-Session and More [v.0.23]
Жанр: Adult game, Unity-3D, Erotic Adventure, Sexy Girls, Big Tits, Beautiful Ass, Erotic Content, Family Sex, Mother-Son, Brother-Sister, Voyeur
Цензура: Отсутствует
Разработчик: Darksilver
Издательство: Darksilver
Автор мода : lazyharry
Тип издания: Лицензия
Платформа: PC/Windows
Язык игры: Русский/Английский
Язык интерфейса: Русский/Английский
Язык озвучки: Русский/Английский
Таблэтка: не требуется

Системные требования:
- Операционная система: 7 / 8 / 10
- Процессор: Pentium IV 1.8 GHz
- Оперативная память: 1 GB Memory
- Видео-карта: 512 Mb DX11
- Свободное место на диске: ~ 3GB

Started with Lisa's Photo Session, the added modules makes it necessary to also to adapt the title of the mod a little bit. So this mod will change in next versions more and more to a combined mod.
The version v0.23 is a combined mod, which combines following mod parts:
Galin's mod v.0.9 - modding base
Diamond Mod - by GreatName
Shopping Adventure 0.6.1 - by Rich/Derover
Lisa's Photo-Session v0.23- by lazyharry
Chancer mod (partly) – by Chancer

В раздаче чистая пиратская версия (, Версия с установленным модом ( и моды отдельно (Mod_Files.zip) . Сцены из мода на английском языке

[+] "Installation:"

Clean install:
1. Make sure you have the base game installed
2. Download all MEGA - Files
3. Extract them and copy all images to the Images folder and overwrite the files when asked for it
4. Remark: copy all content of the extracted folders (jpg and subfolder) to BB/Images, or decrypt direct into BB/Images.
BB/Images should only contain jpg's and the subfolders (Subfolders contain the animation jpg).
5. Extract Mod LPSv022, copy/paste all to your main game directory and overwrite the files, when asked.

[+] "How to play this mod:"

Photo-Session(changed due to new file structure of BB v013)
1. shop with the family on Sa 11:00
2. visit Lisa on Su 12:00 - gift
3. talk to Kira at pool 03:00 (watch-->keep watching-->Aunt Kira?-->Not at all-->I think you forget to wear panties -->) - get lamps, you will have it autimatically after that
4. next Sunday at 12:00 you get photo-session ( repeatable) - only if you have given gift to Lisa, get lamps from Kira and Lisa's mood is high enough
5. Talk to Lisa dishwashing at 20:00
6. Show her photos and sedcard at 23:00 (help homework)
7. Do homework without mistake to get reward
8. Show images to Kira at 03:00 (Lounge or Pool)
9. Start Photo-Session 2 on Saturday 10:00 (instead of shopping)
10. Start Photo-Session 3 on next Saturday 10:00 (instead of shopping)

Attention: I'm using a variable as counter. Only by following this step by step the counter level will increase, and you're able to get the events.

NEW: For all, who have problems to play the different Photo-Sessions, or like to repeat it I've added a cheat to the cheat menu, so you can reset the conter to the desired step.

Doc Exam:
1. During 5. visit to Doc Eve, you can get a BJ
2. Next visits with Alice, then you can fuck Eve
3. Next visit you choose "Go alone" and you can choose between blowjob or fucking

Alice/Kira/Max threesome:
available on Sa 08:00

Kira/Max fuck at TV:
available on Wednesday/Sunday at 03:00

[+] "Changelog:"

v0.23: 23/06/18
- change Modul 27 (added images + changed text)
- slightly changes/correction in different files
- add: Vicky's Adventure - chapter 4 (Modul 30)
- add: Good Mrning fuck (Modul 31)

- correct some bugs and missing lines
- add: Vicky's Adventure - chapter 3
- add: Lisa's Sex Education chapter 1, continuing the education of basic BB game

- changing variables
- correct scambled images
- adding some missing images
- re-check all images and emo with Big Brother Mod Editor
- transferring modparts from diamond-mod into text-files
- removal of duplicated scenes
- add Vicky's Adventure Chapter 2
- add new Lisa Homework scene

v0.20: 06/04/18
- bugfixing
- changing variables (triggers)
- Vicky's Adventure Chapter 1
- adding missing images

v019c: 03/04/18
- bugfixing release
- add missing images

v019a: 27/03/18
- changed ending of modul 17 (prepared for continuation)
- customized mod.txt
- customized dafiles line.txt and 9.txt

v019: 24/03/18
- add Max basement adventure - chapter 3
- add Lisa skips school (from chancer)
- add Olivia skips school (from chancer)
- fixing minor errors

v018: 09/03/18
- add Max basement adventure
- add Lisa bathroom scene (from chancer)
- a lot of bug fixing
- fix of spelling mistakes
- testing compatibility with seduction- mod:Negative !

v017: 28/02/18
- add /change Mom cooking breakfast (adapting to BBv013)
- add Mom bathroom scene(dildo/fuck)
- add Max basement adventure-chapter 1
- add lisa sex at homework (from chancer)
- add Max/Olivia/Lisa-3someon Sa/Su (from chancer)
- fixing minor errors

v016: 22/02/18
- bug fixing
- add extension to Alice/Kate
- add BJ-scene to privat punishment
- add 3-some with Lisa/Olivia in lounge
- add Studio Porn-Movie with Monique

v015b: 17/02/18
- bug fixed in Shopping Adventure 0.6

v015a: 16/02/18
- update Shopping Adventure 0.51 to 0.6

v015: 15/02/18
- no new content, no new images, only bug-fixing release
- new dll from chancer, problem with new started games solved
- all mod parts get new conditions and triggers, to prevent the scenes from appearing too early in the game.

v014: 09/02/18
- test all parts compatibility to BB v013 game
- Recode corrupted image at Chancer’s Alice/Lisa 3-some (Nr. 8)
- add Photo-Session selection to cheat menu
- add Lisa & Olivia shopping event
- slightly changed dialogue Extra Yoga with Mom
- add Alice bath scenes (different) by Chancer
- add Mom TV-scenes (different) by Chancer
- add changed original pic Lisa in pool

v013: 28/01/18
- added 3 own scenes
- added 4 scenes done by Chancer
- correction of spelling/coding

v0.12: 19/01/18
- reintegration of 2 wakeup-scenes
- added Max massage by Mom
- added Porntraining 2 with Max/Alice/Kira
- added 5 scenes from Chancer mod (entry/conditions changed)
- correction of spelling/coding

v0.11: 10/01/18
- rewritten Photo-Session 2
- integration/adaption of Shopping Adventure v0.5.1
- added Alice/Kira/Max threesome at bath
- added Kira/Max fuck at TV night
- integration/adaption of 8 parts from Chancer Mod
- correction of spelling/coding

v0.10: 20/12/17
- added Part 3 of Lisa Photo-Session with different animations

v0.9: 16/12/17
- added Part 2 of Lisa Photo-Session
- added kate smoking from Chancer
- some minor corrections

v0.8: 07/12/17
- integrate Diamond Mod
- complete integration of Shopping Adventure 0.4
- adding sex scenes with Eve at clinic
- show Photo-Session images to Kira (preparation of Photo-Session 2)
- adding animation to Mom's sex scene during shopping
- Lisa wakeup 2 on sunday 06:00
- adding wakeup from Chancer Mod (with changed days)
- solving some minor problems

v0.7: 24/11/17
- Mom fucking scene during shopping
- Alice masturbating scene during shopping
- integrate Shopping Adventure 4 (from Rich/derover)
- adding Installation Guide
- re-adding scenes from earlier versions
- all content into one Mega-file

v06: 17/11/17
-BJ during the 5 visit to the clinic

v0.5: 07/11/17
- talk & show pictures to Lisa
- get a reward for the work

v04b: 06/11/17
- no new content, some minor changes, tested compatibility with v0.10.0.004

v04a: 29/10/17
- no new content, only correction of some code errors

v04: 24/10717
- expanded dialog (based on chancer-mod)and implementation
- splitted in gift to lisa, asking kira for photolights, expanded photo-session
- removed part 2 Mom shower fun (it's included now in chancer-session)
- don't need a modded savegame

v03: 06/10/17
-add additional option for Mom shower at 06:00

v02: 25/09/17
-add high-res-pictures + new pictures
-change and extend script
-installation without save-modification

v01: 20/09/17
-add second installation method

[+] "Скриншоты:"

[+] Всего файлов в раздаче - 3:
Mod_Files.zip1.46 GB GB GB

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