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MANTIS - Дискография

Скачать mantis-diskografiya.torrent
U Магнитная ссылка Размер: 698.74 MB Раздают: 112 Качают: 2 Добавлен: 2018-11-30 09:09:27

Тип релиза: Дискография
Исполнитель: MANTIS
Год: 2010-2018
Жанр: Dubstep, Deathstep, Drum & Bass, Electronic
Страна: USA

Продолжительность: 04:44:40
Формат/Кодек: MP3
Битрейт аудио: 320 kbps

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[+] Трек-лист

[2010] - Dark Planet
01. Dark Planet
02. A Devil's Moon

[2011] - BR018 All Worlds
01. Asylum
02. Alessa
03. Boss Fight
04. Leviathan

[2011] - Hood Shit
01. Boss Fight
02. Hood Shit
03. Never Fooled

[2012] - Futures
01. The Arrival (Original Mix)
02. The Spread (Original Mix)
03. The Flood (Original Mix)
04. The Aftermath (Original Mix)
05. The Spread VIP (Fronz of Atilla Vocal VIP)

[2013] - End Game
01. Caligula
02. End Game
03. End Game (Instrumental Mix)

[2013] - EPSILON
01. Body Bag (Original Mix)
02. Turbine (Original Mix)
03. Friction (Original Mix)
04. Cell (Original Mix)

[2013] - Trauma (Single)
01. Trauma (Original Mix)

[2014] - Block Rocka (Single)
01. Block Rocka (Original Mix)

[2015] - Slangin' - Warmonger
01. Slangin' feat. Armanni Reign (Original Mix)
02. Warmonger feat. Armanni Reign (Original Mix)

[2016] - Avidity
01. Avidity (Intro)
02. Depths (Original Mix)
03. 100% Death (Original Mix)
04. Back Again (Original Mix)
05. Coda (Outro)

[2016] - The Hundred Deep
02. Anubis
03. Mobbin' feat. Crichy Crich
04. You Know What We About

[2017] - Depths (Mark The Beast x Krook Remix) (Single)
01. Depths (Mark The Beast x Krook Remix)

[2018] - Unfazed
01. With The People (Original Mix)
02. Creepshow (Original Mix)
03. Run n Gun (Ft. Honeycomb) (Original Mix)

### Unsorted ###

. Mantis - Bludgeoned to Death (Mantis Deathstep Remix)
. Mantis - Bludgeoned to Death *Closer BOUNCE VIP*
. Excision - Subsonic (Mantis Remix)
. Mantis - Feast

. Mantis - Fumes VIP (Original Mix)
. Mantis ft Bratkilla - Extinction
. Mantis - Fumes [110-70 VIP][MASTER]
. Mantis - Fumes [MASTER]
. Mantis - Fumes Drumstep VIP ft Ricky Raw
. Mantis - Hood Shit
. bong - Hostile Enforcement (Mantis Remix)
. Mantis - Insomnia [MASTER]
. Mantis - Insomnia VIP [Edit]
. Mantis & Getter - Ravin
. Mantis - Shit Talk
. Cyberoptics & D-Jahsta - Tx 55 (Mantis Doombah Remix) LOST SESSION UNFINISHED

. D Jahsta, 12 Gauge, Sadhu - Baptism of Fire (Mantis Remix) 175 BPM
. Mantis - D Jahsta x 12 Gauge x Sadhu-Baptism of Fire (Mantis Remix)
. MUST DIE! & Mantis - Dovahkin (Original Mix)
. Liquid Stranger - Drones (Mantis Remix OFFICIAL)
. Mantis - Mr.French [175 bpm]
. Rusko - Mr Muscle (Mantis Reboot)
. Mantis - Mr. French
. Mantis - Petra
. Suicide Silence - Slaves to Substance (Mantis Deathstep Remix)

. Mantis - Desolation VIP
. Linkin Park - One Step Closer (Mantis Remix)

. Mantis - Gods

[+] Дополнительная информация
Taylor Scott and Paul Ollinger, known as Mantis, are a relentless duo. Having begun their musical careers with metal & deathcore, the transition to heavy bass music was not so much a step down in intensity, but a slide into a world with spectacular tools to mix dense layers of music in new ways, and deploy it with force. Mantis was formed in early 2011 to test the boundaries of metal-influenced production, and plunge the result into a wash of haunting atmospheres. Mantis wants to provide “music to make you feel like you’re somewhere else, and you’ve never been more stoked to be there.”With that target in sight, 2011 was a smashing first year; the momentum began in Atlanta, and overflowed with releases on labels such as Play Me, Heavy Artillery, BroTown Records, & Abducted Records. A standard was set with 2011's "All Worlds", their first EP, breaking the top 10 on Beatport's Dubstep releases, and held with 2012's "Futures" scoring #5 on Beatport's overall chart. The support of tastemakers such as Liquid Stranger, Downlink, Figure, Cyberoptics, Diesel, Genetix, Persist, & Sluggo, points to an accomplishment of musical influence on an international scale, and the potential for much more.A history in Atlanta's metal scene, playing in acts such as WLTP and Attila, provides Mantis' cornerstone of fierce stage skills. Having become known across the USA for throwing down an aggressive live show with unmatched energy and only the heaviest bass music, Mantis' reputation stands as being one of the gnarliest new production teams in the scene.With packed crowds at hand, and Beatport charts at their feet, only one goal remains- to raise the awareness of metal-influenced bass music... oh, and world domination.

[+] Всего файлов в раздаче - 79:
[2013] Trauma (Single)/cover.jpg363.32 kB
[2013] EPSILON/cover.jpg303.29 kB
[2013] Trauma (Single)/01 Trauma (Original Mix).mp311.20 MB
[2013] EPSILON/04 Cell (Original Mix).mp310.60 MB
[2013] EPSILON/03 Friction (Original Mix).mp311.02 MB
[2013] EPSILON/02 Turbine (Original Mix).mp310.63 MB
[2013] EPSILON/01 Body Bag (Original Mix).mp39.96 MB
[2013] End Game/cover.jpg471.54 kB
[2013] End Game/03 End Game (Instrumental Mix).mp310.77 MB
[2013] End Game/02 End Game.mp310.77 MB
[2013] End Game/01 Caligula.mp37.94 MB
[2012] Futures/cover.jpg323.77 kB
[2012] Futures/05 The Spread VIP (Fronz of Atilla Vocal VIP).mp311.61 MB
[2012] Futures/04 The Aftermath (Original Mix).mp310.95 MB
[2012] Futures/03 The Flood (Original Mix).mp310.80 MB
[2012] Futures/02 The Spread (Original Mix).mp310.82 MB
[2012] Futures/01 The Arrival (Original Mix).mp314.16 MB
[2011] Hood Shit/cover.jpg304.23 kB
[2011] Hood Shit/03 Never Fooled.mp310.52 MB
[2011] Hood Shit/02 Hood Shit.mp311.06 MB
[2011] Hood Shit/01 Boss Fight.mp311.33 MB
[2011] BR018 All Worlds/cover.jpg284.23 kB
[2011] BR018 All Worlds/04 Leviathan.mp310.48 MB
[2011] BR018 All Worlds/03 Boss Fight.mp311.24 MB
[2011] BR018 All Worlds/02 Alessa.mp39.83 MB
[2011] BR018 All Worlds/01 Asylum.mp310.09 MB
[2010] Dark Planet/cover.jpg132.72 kB
Unsorted/2011/Bludgeoned to Death (Mantis Deathstep Remix).mp38.21 MB
Unsorted/2016/Mantis - Gods.mp310.49 MB
Unsorted/2014/One Step Closer (Mantis Remix).mp310.80 MB
Unsorted/2014/Desolation VIP.mp310.36 MB
Unsorted/2013/Slaves to Substance (Mantis Deathstep Remix).mp312.10 MB
Unsorted/2013/Petra.mp311.37 MB
Unsorted/2013/Mr. French.mp310.40 MB
Unsorted/2013/Mr Muscle (Mantis Reboot).mp38.63 MB
Unsorted/2013/Mr French [175 bpm].mp38.21 MB
Unsorted/2013/Drones (Mantis Remix OFFICIAL).mp39.22 MB
Unsorted/2013/Dovahkin (Original Mix).mp38.46 MB
Unsorted/2013/D Jahsta x 12 Gauge x Sadhu-Baptism of Fire (Mantis Remix) [NO SHARE].mp310.79 MB
Unsorted/2013/Baptism of Fire (Mantis Remix) 175 BPM.mp38.63 MB
Unsorted/2012/Tx 55 (Mantis Doombah Remix) LOST SESSION UNFINISHED.mp39.36 MB
Unsorted/2012/Shit Talk.mp39.80 MB
Unsorted/2012/Ravin.mp39.51 MB
Unsorted/2012/Insomnia [MASTER].mp312.36 MB
Unsorted/2012/INSOMNIA VIP EDIT.mp312.35 MB
Unsorted/2012/Hostile Enforcement (Mantis Remix).mp39.60 MB
Unsorted/2012/Hood Shit.mp310.78 MB
Unsorted/2012/Fumes [MASTER].mp39.28 MB
Unsorted/2012/Fumes [110-70 VIP][MASTER].mp39.36 MB
Unsorted/2012/Fumes Drumstep VIP ft Ricky Raw.mp38.48 MB
Unsorted/2012/Extinction.mp310.64 MB
Unsorted/2012/03 Fumes Drumstep VIP (Original Mix).mp38.31 MB
Unsorted/2011/Feast ( FIRST MANTIS SONG EVER).mp312.06 MB
Unsorted/2011/Excision-Subsonic (Mantis Remix) (SONG THAT CAUSED THE BIRTH OF MANTIS).mp313.03 MB
Unsorted/2011/Bludgeoned to Death _Closer BOUNCE VIP_.mp38.93 MB
[2010] Dark Planet/01 Dark Planet.mp318.94 MB
[2014] Block Rocka (Single)/01 Block Rocka (Original Mix).mp311.25 MB
[2014] Block Rocka (Single)/cover.jpg356.01 kB
[2016] Avidity/01 Avidity (Intro).mp33.86 MB
[2016] Avidity/02 Depths (Original Mix).mp314.60 MB
[2016] Avidity/03 100% Death (Original Mix).mp311.10 MB
[2016] Avidity/04 Back Again (Original Mix).mp312.22 MB
[2016] Avidity/05 Coda (Outro).mp35.74 MB
[2016] Avidity/cover.jpg302.99 kB
[2016] The Hundred Deep/01 B.A.T.MAN VIP.mp310.28 MB
[2016] The Hundred Deep/02 Anubis.mp313.04 MB
[2016] The Hundred Deep/04 You Know What We About.mp311.64 MB
[2016] The Hundred Deep/cover.jpg420.46 kB
[2017] Depths (Mark The Beast x Krook Remix) (Single)/01 Depths (Mark The Beast x Krook Remix).mp37.93 MB
[2017] Depths (Mark The Beast x Krook Remix) (Single)/cover.jpg369.59 kB
[2018] Unfazed/01 With The People (Original Mix).mp39.37 MB
[2018] Unfazed/02 Creepshow (Original Mix).mp310.37 MB
[2018] Unfazed/03 Run n Gun (Ft. Honeycomb) (Original Mix).mp310.30 MB
[2018] Unfazed/cover.jpg359.75 kB

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