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Rammstein - Rammstein [Deluxe Edition] (2019) FLAC

Скачать rammstein-deluxe-edition-2019-flac.torrent
U Магнитная ссылка Размер: 530.93 MB Раздают: 44 Качают: 12 Добавлен: 2019-06-01 07:15:32
Rammstein - Rammstein [Deluxe Edition] (2019) FLAC

Название: Rammstein [Deluxe Edition]
Исполнитель: Rammstein
Год: 2019
Жанр: IndustrialMetal, NeueDeutscheHärte, Electronic
Страна: Germany

Продолжительность: 01:14:07
Формат/Кодек: FLAC
Битрейт аудио: Lossless


Дополнительная информация:
Till Lindemann - lead vocals
Richard Z. Kruspe - lead guitar, backing vocals
Oliver Riedel - bass guitar
Paul Landers - rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Christian Lorenz - keyboards
Christoph Schneider - drums
[+] Трек-лист

01.  Deutschland  5:23
02.  Radio  4:37
03.  Zeig Dich  4:16
04.  Auslander  3:52
05.  Sex  3:57
06.  Puppe  4:34
07.  Was Ich Liebe  4:29
08.  Diamant  2:34
09.  Weit Weg  4:21
10.  Tattoo  4:12
11.  Hallomann  4:14
Bonus Tracks:
12.  Deutschland (Remix by Richard Z. Kruspe)  5:46
13.  Radio (Remix by twocolors)  5:00
14.  Mein Herz Brennt (Boyz Noize Remix)  5:03
15.  Gib Mir Deine Augen  3:46
16.  Mein Land  3:53
17.  Vergiss Uns Nicht  4:10

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FILE: 17.  Rammstein  -  Vergiss Uns Nicht.flac
 Size: 30426020 Hash: ACADF1C5ABC1D72679EB81B6FADE70CD Accuracy: -m0
 Conclusion: MPEG 100%
 Signature: 7EE2E2A3FAA97332AFFCF7F7B0692DFE97AA3C9F
FILE: 16.  Rammstein  -  Mein Land.flac
 Size: 30163226 Hash: 14EC731FBCCE0207FA690BF0138B3863 Accuracy: -m0
 Conclusion: MPEG 95%
 Signature: A44E357D754CAEEF99678CC1FAC376EC0A0CF8C2
FILE: 15.  Rammstein  -  Gib Mir Deine Augen.flac
 Size: 27547727 Hash: 8803D2DD2EC2D5145244DC0FCCFB9557 Accuracy: -m0
 Conclusion: CDDA 100%
 Signature: 8ECC25DB35C44048F9374F366FF4D13D55596640
FILE: 14.  Rammstein  -  Mein Herz Brennt (Boyz Noize Remix).flac
 Size: 38891787 Hash: 8921332BD9BF12D27990CECF806F3ECF Accuracy: -m0
 Conclusion: CDDA 100%
 Signature: 0F6B4FC50719B8273FCFAEEC65F3BF90EF48AE05
FILE: 13.  Rammstein  -  Radio (Remix by twocolors).flac
 Size: 37248746 Hash: 81155C81F6A2F9624679174774514E19 Accuracy: -m0
 Conclusion: CDDA 100%
 Signature: 53F93812C55463C8653702A21D21AB692CC07E17
FILE: 12.  Rammstein  -  Deutschland (Remix by Richard Z. Kruspe).flac
 Size: 37724240 Hash: BB7E98305CA8C749674DB402CBBABA2A Accuracy: -m0
 Conclusion: MPEG 95%
 Signature: D6470436B36B16F77ADC033E0822A0CD80C140F6
FILE: 11.  Rammstein  -  Hallomann.flac
 Size: 29855544 Hash: 65AABA051CD64315F34382F613AD8D3C Accuracy: -m0
 Conclusion: CDDA 100%
 Signature: AA4A5B3FABE49E6E24AFD991BE8C750BF0F80166
FILE: 10.  Rammstein  -  Tattoo.flac
 Size: 31073590 Hash: 3DB99EFF3217195B4B2D7D5E21AE68A8 Accuracy: -m0
 Conclusion: CDDA 99%
 Signature: 824E9333986D3FC92D32F202EB2D0C8D17F70125
FILE: 09.  Rammstein  -  Weit Weg.flac
 Size: 33484131 Hash: 4DD222429BC783635C87B15A3828B5FB Accuracy: -m0
 Conclusion: CDDA 100%
 Signature: CB85DFEE6E08AFC847B6F2BF7F2C7B0D56CCD30C
FILE: 08.  Rammstein  -  Diamant.flac
 Size: 14609579 Hash: 788908466830DED78F4AF10B6908B168 Accuracy: -m0
 Conclusion: CDDA 100%
 Signature: 879B9996C55BF6D213BEC61073C9D9092ED4A9E0
FILE: 07.  Rammstein  -  Was Ich Liebe.flac
 Size: 32520245 Hash: D0A1F49053B96E638D3BD52B06AC43DA Accuracy: -m0
 Conclusion: CDDA 99%
 Signature: 650EC77F381FDE991AC62347E15FF8D3400A8E4F
FILE: 06.  Rammstein  -  Puppe.flac
 Size: 31189711 Hash: DDBED0A0A327A173B7BDB02FC2573C32 Accuracy: -m0
 Conclusion: CDDA 100%
 Signature: B3D77AA2289A98083ABBE918230D1449EAD60270
FILE: 05.  Rammstein  -  Sex.flac
 Size: 29267489 Hash: D48A02A9E327868805CC0AAB01F954AB Accuracy: -m0
 Conclusion: CDDA 100%
 Signature: 18FA0C6C24DE6FA5C529159D3108831A21C88E8A
FILE: 04.  Rammstein  -  Auslander.flac
 Size: 29740068 Hash: DA83C40EBC09A88389D575823247F5B7 Accuracy: -m0
 Conclusion: CDDA 100%
 Signature: 509CEE71ECDF95F4DDBC27B8BA17C01EAFDA7571
FILE: 03.  Rammstein  -  Zeig Dich.flac
 Size: 32658101 Hash: 1C98CBDA3F00E4C26356184CE26AAA56 Accuracy: -m0
 Conclusion: CDDA 100%
 Signature: E567E2A178D6E9242D8A420996394A87C52FBE9C
FILE: 02.  Rammstein  -  Radio.flac
 Size: 34438086 Hash: C846FB2D937BC16864DF469197AF72D9 Accuracy: -m0
 Conclusion: CDDA 99%
 Signature: D9B4FA2A8ABB540FD0398DE8FFF1CA9ACF46B04E
FILE: 01.  Rammstein  -  Deutschland.flac
 Size: 40830528 Hash: AC96B974680D70576AEB88AB9B2774AF Accuracy: -m0
 Conclusion: CDDA 99%
 Signature: C262ABB1244A94097D798228B195F14930DEF4DB

[+] Скрытый текст
After an interminable decade-long absence from the studio, German metal titans Rammstein rekindled their flame, igniting a new era with their seventh effort, RAMMSTEIN. Celebrating the band's 25th anniversary, this precision attack is both a satisfying return to classic sounds and a fresh vision of the band that remains triumphant and, most shockingly, even elegant and graceful. RAMMSTEIN stands tall alongside the expansive scope and experimental textures of early-2000s releases Mutter and Reise, Reise, stepping aside from the blitz of their preceding effort, 2009's Liebe Ist für Alle Da. As Christoph "Doom" Schneider's drums pummel, the corrosive twin-guitar attack of Richard Z. Kruspe and Paul Landers provides a fresh batch of addictive, headbanging riffs. Beneath the frontal assault, Rammstein remains groove-heavy and melodic, owing to both bassist Oliver Riedel and the band's ever-patient whipping boy, keyboardist Flake. Here, Flake in particular has more moments to shine brighter than he has in years. While the Herzeleid synths on the Kraftwerk-indebted "Radio" inspire appropriate nostalgia, the cheesy Euro-techno stabs on "Auslander" complement the equally unsavory subjects of the song itself. His finest work on RAMMSTEIN is the synth-washed centerpiece "Weit Weg," a soaring epic that conveys longing and loneliness through the lens of a voyeur, while elevating the lecherous subject matter with frontman Till Lindemann's poetic celestial imagery. It's not just an album standout, but a catalog highlight. In addition to the band's tightened execution, Lindemann has also advanced in terms of vocal delivery and lyricism. While Rammstein has always been more insightful and socio-politically minded than they're given credit for, mainstream controversy frequently distracts from their oft-misunderstood messages, which tend to condemn societal ills, not glorify them. This set is no different, as Lindemann delves deeper into the darkness by exploring topics such as fraught nationalism ("Deutschland"), religion ("Zeig Dich"), and the sex trade ("Auslander," "Puppe"). Whereas "Weit Weg" and "Deutschland" are the heights of RAMMSTEIN in terms of band performance, "Puppe" is a showcase for Lindemann. From the perspective of a young child, the father of two daughters examines the human toll of sex trafficking, the pain and rage of the lyrics exploding through his bloodied vocals on one of his most intense performances to date. By illuminating such perversions and the sordid side of ourselves and society, Rammstein's maturity and wisdom continue to evolve, even when they reliably dip back into the playful and satirical, like on odes to the less complicated delights of life ("Radio," "Sex," and "Tattoo"), and love and loss ("Was Ich Liebe," "Diamant"). Injecting their trademark sound with fresh flair, RAMMSTEIN is one of the band's best efforts, a potent distillation of all the elements that have endeared them to fans for two-and-a-half decades. After all these years together, it's a wonder that Rammstein continue to improve while still retaining the hunger and passion that has helped them amass a devoted following across the globe.

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Scans/Back.jpg460.52 kB
Scans/Booklet 1.jpg722.49 kB
Scans/Booklet 10.jpg1.53 MB
Scans/Booklet 2.jpg812.98 kB
Scans/Booklet 3.jpg905.97 kB
Scans/Booklet 4.jpg806.00 kB
Scans/Booklet 5.jpg902.37 kB
Scans/Booklet 6.jpg1.53 MB
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Scans/Booklet 8.jpg1.48 MB
Scans/Booklet 9.jpg1.40 MB
Scans/CD Back.jpg412.08 kB
Scans/CD.jpg467.75 kB
Scans/Inlay.jpg904.48 kB
Scans/Jewel Case.jpg560.56 kB
01. Rammstein - Deutschland.flac38.94 MB
02. Rammstein - Radio.flac32.84 MB
03. Rammstein - Zeig Dich.flac31.15 MB
04. Rammstein - Auslander.flac28.36 MB
05. Rammstein - Sex.flac27.91 MB
06. Rammstein - Puppe.flac29.74 MB
07. Rammstein - Was Ich Liebe.flac31.01 MB
08. Rammstein - Diamant.flac13.93 MB
09. Rammstein - Weit Weg.flac31.93 MB
10. Rammstein - Tattoo.flac29.63 MB
11. Rammstein - Hallomann.flac28.47 MB
12. Rammstein - Deutschland (Remix by Richard Z. Kruspe).flac35.98 MB
13. Rammstein - Radio (Remix by twocolors).flac35.52 MB
14. Rammstein - Mein Herz Brennt (Boyz Noize Remix).flac37.09 MB
15. Rammstein - Gib Mir Deine Augen.flac26.27 MB
16. Rammstein - Mein Land.flac28.77 MB
17. Rammstein - Vergiss Uns Nicht.flac29.02 MB
folder.jpg91.49 kB

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