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VA - Легенды Зарубежного Рока Vol.2 (2022) MP3

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Название: Легенды Зарубежного Рока Vol.2 Исполнитель: VA Год: 2022 Жанр: Rock, Pop Продолжительность: 06:24:25 Формат/Кодек: MP3 Битрейт аудио: 256 kbps
[+] Трек-лист 01-The Rolling Stones-(I Can't Get No) Satifcation. 02-The Who-My Generation. 03-The Monkees-(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone. 04-The Beatles-Can't Buy Me Love. 05-Yardbirds-For Your Love. 06-Fleetwood Mac-I Loved Another Woman. 07-T. Rex-Get It On. 08-Three Dog Night-The Show Must Go On 09-Led Zeppelin - Houses Of The Holy-D'Yer Mak'er. 10-Sonny & Cher-A Cowboys Work Is Never Done. 11-Christie-Iron Horse. 12-The Troggs-Love Is All Around. 13-Santana-Black Magic Woman 14-The Doors-Lover Her Madly. 15-Ringo Starr-You're Sixteen (You're Beautiful And You're Mine). 16-Harry Nilsson-Without You. 17-Alan Price-Poor People. 18-Paul McCartney & Wings-Mrs. Vanderbilt. 19-Creedence Clearwater Revival-Looking Out My Back Door. 20-Mungo Jerry-You Better Leave That Whisky Alone. 21-The Byrds-All I Really Want To Do. 22-Simon & Garfunkel-The Sound of Silence. 23-John Lennon-Imagine. 24CD-Deep Purple-Smoke on the Water. 25-Led Zeppelin-Whole Lotta Love. 26-Grand Funk Railroad-Shinin' On.m 27-Janis Joplin-Move Over. 28-Derek And The Dominos-Layla. 29-The Beatles-Oh! Darling. 30-The Guess Who-Heartbroken Bopper. 31-Slade-Coz I Luv You. 32-Geordie-Hope You Like It. 33-Thin Lizzy-Whiskey In The Jar. 34-Shocking Blue-Shocking You. 35-Steppenwolf-Ride With Me. 36-Alice Cooper-I'm Eighteen. 37-Black Sabbath-Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath. 38-Eagles-Witchy Woman. 39-Free-The Stealer. 40-Lynyrd Skynyrd-Simple Man. 41CD-Uriah Heep-Look At Yourself. 42-Led Zeppelin-Rock and Roll. 43-The Rolling Stones-Bitch. 44-Slade-Gudbuy T' Jane. 45-The Jimi Hendrix Experience-Fire. 46-Fleetwood Mac-Tell Me All The Things You Do. 47-Black Sabbath-Paranoid. 48-Suzi Quatro-Can The Can. 49-Gary Glitter-I didnt know i love you 50-David Bowie-Sufragette City. 51-Nazareth-Bad, Bad Boy. 52-Deep Purple-Strange Kind Of Woman. 53-THE BEATLES-Revolution. 54-Sweet-Ballroom Blitz. 55-ZZ Top-La Grange. 56-Creedence Clearwater Revival-Green River. 57-Steppenwolf-Magic Carpet Ride. 58-Geordie-Keep On Rockin' 59-Foghat-I Just Want To Make Love To You. 60-The Moody Blues-I'm Just A Singer (In A Rock And Roll Band). 61-Steppenwolf-Born To Be Wild. 62CD-Creedence Clearwater Revival-Sweet Hitch-Hiker. 63-Beatles-Back In The U.S.S.R. 64-Led Zeppelin-Immigrant Song. 65-Deep Purple-Highway Star. 66-The Jimi Hendrix Experience-Little Wing. 67-Janis Joplin-Mercedes Benz 68-The Doors-Roadhouse Blues. 69-Jethro Tull-Locomotive Breath 70-Gun-Race With The Devil. 71-T. Rex-Buick Mackane. 72-Grand Funk Railroad-I Come Tumblin' 73-Sweet-Hell Raiser. 74-Suzi Quatro-48 Crash. 75-Gary Glitter-I'm the leader of the gang. 76-Kansas-Down the Road. 77-Slade-I Won't Let It 'Appen Agen. 78-Cream-Crossroads. 79-Alice Cooper-Long Way To Go. 80-Bachman-Turner Overdrive-Stayed Awake All Night. 81-Uriah Heep-Easy Livin'. 82-Gregg Allman-Midnight Rider. 83CD-Led Zeppelin-Black Dog. 84-Grand Funk-We're An American Band. 85-Pink Floyd-Money. 86-Black Sabbath-War Pigs. 87-Deep Purple-Woman From Tokyo. 88-Slade-I Don' Mind. 89-The Osmonds-Crazy Horses. 90-Creedence Clearwater Revival-Born On The Bayou. 91-Steppenwolf-Sookie Sookie. 92-Jethro Tull-Teacher. 93-Jimi Hendrix-Foxy Lady. 94-Beatles-I Am The Walrus. 95-Guess Who-American Woman. 96-Cream-Sunshine of Your Love. 97-Aerosmith-Walkin' The Dog. 98-Nazareth-Razamanaz. 99-Uriah Heep-Lady In Black. 100-Ten Years After-Love Like a Man.

Всего файлов в раздаче: 100 
01-The Rolling Stones-(I Can't Get No) Satifcation.mp36.75 MB
02-The Who-My Generation.mp38.31 MB
03-The Monkees-(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone.mp34.50 MB
04-The Beatles-Can't Buy Me Love.mp34.12 MB
05-Yardbirds-For Your Love.mp34.60 MB
06-Fleetwood Mac-I Loved Another Woman.mp35.38 MB
07-T. Rex-Get It On.mp38.06 MB
08-Three Dog Night-The Show Must Go On.mp36.86 MB
09-Led Zeppelin - Houses Of The Holy-D'Yer Mak'er.mp37.84 MB
10-Sonny & Cher-A Cowboys Work Is Never Done.mp36.00 MB
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